Fresno Pool Repair

When your pool equipment is broken, delaying repairs leads to higher costs for you in the end. At Pool-Pro, we’re here to offer you affordable, friendly, and high-quality pool repair services so you can continue enjoying your pool!

Pool Pump & Filter Repair

Having a broken filter can cause bacteria to spread throughout your pool. We can repair equipment from almost any manufacturer and will repair your pool’s filter or pump so your pool can be clean once more!

Pool & Spa Heater Repair

When it comes to comfort, nothing beats a soak in a pool that’s the perfect temperature. When your pool’s heater needs repairs, call us and we’ll help you get back to comfortable dips in your pool or spa.

Pool Electronics Repair

Our team can also help you with pool electronic repairs. Actuators, sensors, remotes, and controllers can all be repaired by our friendly team. We’ll suggest upgrades, if needed.

Saltwater Pool Repair Services

A saltwater pool can be great for your skin, but if it has a broken salt cell or chlorine generator, your pool will be nothing but a headache. Our team of technicians will get your pool working right again!


Receive a prompt and no-hassle estimate for your pool repair needs.